Saturday, October 21, 2006

Following The Gut Instinct....

I'm home again and there's stuff to be written.

Firstly, you may well remember that I posted on here a wee while back about a job dilemma. It kind of went along the lines of "do you take the secure permanent job that provides stability but may be boring or risk it for the temporary one that may become permanent that you really enjoy"

Well it was decided to take the risk, follow the heart and go with the temporary job. Looks like it was the right decision after all. The temporary job is now officially a permanent one! Better Half has officially kissed goodbye to 20 odd years in civil engineering and management for a job he likes and enjoys.

I'm going to give myself a bit of kudos for being brave enough to support him and take the gamble on not being able to pay my mortgage if temporary job had not become permanent job. What the hell though eh? Life is full of gambles or at least it should be. Some pay off, some don't but I'm big on following your heart instead of your head. Gut instinct wins out everytime with me. I believe in fate....whit's fur ye'll no go past ye and all that.

Jenny xx

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Gud on U!