Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Right So I've Been On A Downer...

for the last few days, but I'm going to meet it head on.

I've decided it might be time to move on so I've started looking at other houses and have arranged a few viewings for tomorrow.

I've ended my sex drought of a month twice over in last 24 hours...just don't tell Geoff (only kidding!).

And we're going on holiday on the 16th for 5 days. It's only Southport, I've never been to Southport but I wouldn't care if it was Portobello right now. The main thing is I will be out this house for 5 whole days, just me, he and the bairns.

So it's all good. Who'd have thought a trip to Southport and a bit of how's your Father could make a girl so happy!

Jenny xx

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Steven Douglas said...

Hey, it works for me!!! :-)