Thursday, October 26, 2006

Speaking Of Addicitons...

My Mum appears to have developed one for the Jewellery Channel!! She's just purchased herself a big mystic topaz gold ring. Apparently mystic topaz was only discovered in 1989 and it's so pretty and she didn't have one like that...she's now after earrings to match it! This follows her Anythest purchases not so long ago and her "I need something red to match my outift" purchases.

I swear she is a jewellery-holic my Mum. Diamonds, Garnets, Sapphires (they're her favourites), Amythests (her birthstone), name it, my Mum will have a ring with the stone in it and she doesn't favour small delicate pieces my Mum likes a nice rock and a thick band of gold to hold it in place! The only thing I've never seen her wear is either Pearl or Emerald. I'm not sure why that is.

She has pieces which her Mum's and her Mum's before that, she has chains, bracelets, watches, brooches, earrings, fact I reckon my Mum is a human magpie!

Still it's better than her having a crack cocaine addiction I suppose!

I'm trying to convince her to buy something in white gold with diamonds...she won't wear it of course because she only likes yellow gold but I know someone who'll keep it safe from her!! I am partial to a bit of white gold!

Jenny xx

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