Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's All Going Pete Tong...

down Tynecastle way. Or so they'd have you believe and by they I'm talking about the media and a fair portion of the supporters. However, I'm a glass half full kind of girl so I'm not having it! Here's why some of us are reaching for the razor blades and here's why we should leave 'em alone!

We drew 2-2 with the Hibs at Easter Road on the 15th. This is unacceptable especially as we fielded a eyebrow raising team.

I agree that the team selection was poor and was not the team I'd have put out against those peg selling docksiders. However...2-0 down in 16 minutes, a man sent off, not won there in 4 seasons, playing a team nowhere near our best 11 and we came home with a draw! Or to put it another way...a 2 goal lead, an extra man and the chance to play against a weakened Hearts team with home advantage and still the Hibs couldn't beat us.

We got beat 2-0 by Kilmarnock on Saturday at home.

Aye we did. The shame and humiliation of it! Get a grip...we will be beaten from time to time that's how it goes, even the best get gubbed now and then. Anyway we're still second in the league. Defeat from a well organised Kilmarnock side hardly warrants the knee jerk reactions of some folk. Hearts played well in the first 20 minutes but were piss poor for the remainder...that's just your luck sometimes.

Valdas has been given two weeks "sick leave". It's all a conspiracy and he's going to be sacked. Anyway he's not the man for the job and he's under way too much stress.

Or maybe he's just ill and needs some time off. Maybe he will be sacked. Who knows? Vlad says he won't be and he may well be lying and it may well be a conspiracy to get rid of him but if he's not the man for the job why the hysteria? As for him being under stress...he's a premier league manager it's in the job description and really he's probably not feeling a 10th of the pressure that Polly Gwen must be feeling right now cause his team are well rank and the great unwashed are starting to revolt!

Squad rotation is destroying our team and Vlad is interfering too much in the selection of who plays.

Agree entirely that a more settled squad would be better than the 59 changes in 9 games we've seen but on at least 4 occasions those big team changes have produced fantastic results. 4-0 over ICT, 4-1 over Dundee Utd for example. Where else will you see 3 different players scoring their first goals for the club on their home debuts??

Supporting Hearts is and always has been a rollercoaster. Massive highs and stomach churning lows. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Jenny xx

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