Saturday, October 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Honey...

A big fat Happy Birthday to my gorgeous niece Kennedy who is 11 today.

Not only is she my favourite niece (well she is my only niece!) but she's also my wee pal.

She joins in with my silliness, dances with me in public places, joins me on shopping trips, stays up late with me to watch tv, comes to Hearts games with me and is my ally in keeping secrets like a few weeks ago when I hung all the ironing on the curtain pole as I was doing it only to find the weight of it has pulled the pole away from the wall! We laughed our butts off when we saw what had happened but decided against telling Uncle Geoff!

11 years ago today (she was born on a saturday) at this very time I was in the car on my way to Simpson's to see her with my Mum. I think we were as tired as my Sister having been at the hospital from 4pm on the Friday through to 7am on the Saturday morning. It was a long night given she didn't make her appearance into the world until just before 6am! I managed a whole 2 hours sleep when we finally got back to Mum and Dad's just after 7am and I was in the local shopping centre (flanked of course by a very excited Granny and Grandad) buying pink clothes by 9.45am!

I will always remember the first time I saw her and the way she opened her wee eyes when I held her. It was almost as if she was saying "so you must be Auntie Jenny then". When I put her back down she started crying, so I lifted her again and she stopped instantly and looked at me again. I knew then we'd be pals!

Happy birthday honey.

Mind your Hearts top for tomorrow and you and I will sit in front of tv and cheer the Jambo's on against the Hibees! Mon the Jambo's!!

Love and Kisses,

(Anutie) Jenny xx

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Steven Douglas said...

Yet another connection we have...same day as my Mum's birthday... :-)

Happy Birthday, Kennedy...