Thursday, March 01, 2007

Back To Basics....

Right then...the thorn in my side and the subject of my various cryptic posts in recent weeks has now been dealt with. They have officially had two fingers stuck up at them and a big fuck you directed at them. My cryptic posting has hit the correct nerve and they've received their fingers and fuck you directly from me and so are no longer worth my time or my dazzling intelligence. The person in question knows who they are. For the rest of you this is someone who a year ago I classed as a friend and whom I now class as a nobody. Someone with whom I once would pass the time of day and someone for whom I would not pass water if they were dying of thirst now.

So now things on here can get back to normal. No longer will I pass messages through this Blog that only they will understand...although I have no doubt they are still reading this. Some people never learn you see and he/she is, I have come to realise, a person with sadist tendancies. After all why else would they continue to read this Blog when they knew that for the last few weeks much of my posts were purely to ridicule them? They knew we'd fallen out and that I'd bring it to this Blog.

I am reclaiming the Blog for the purpose for which it was started all those months ago, in fact almost 2 years ago...that is me writing whatever random thoughts come into my head while I'm logged in here and passing my humble opinions on the topic of the day...not to mention of course ripping a new arsehole for anyone or anything that pisses me off along the way.

In a final message to my ex-friend then, may I just say...why don't you fuck right off, stop reading this and go and find something or someone else to try and be clever with. Or better still why not go and read a book or two and try to increase your knowledge and intelligence to the level above fuckwit which is where you currently are. You see that's where you went wrong...intelligence (which I am blessed with) always wins over stupidity (which sadly is about all you are blessed with). Now run along, assuming you are capable of putting one foot in front of the other at speed that is...

Anyway back to the no more cryptic messages. From now on this blog will go back to basics.

Jenny xx

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