Monday, March 05, 2007

Is It Wrong...?

Yesterday I headed to Weegieland with my Maw for a wee bit retail therapy and took 6 year old, 10 year old and my niece with me for the trip (8 year old nephew didn't come as he was at Easter Road watching the Hibs get beat by Rangers..hahaha he'd have been better off coming with me to Weggieland but he'll never learn!).

Anyway I we go into a shop and I'm looking at school clothes thinking both my offspring could use an extra pair of school trousers each when 10 year old pipes up that she has seen a pair of "city shorts" and can she have them instead of trousers. "City shorts", for the benefit of those who don't know, are knee length dress shorts that girls are now wearing for school! So I agree and I start looking through the racks for her size which is normally anything from aged 7-8 to aged 9-10 depending on where we are buying! She's out of luck as all they have left are aged 12-13 and a 5-6. I relay this information to 10 year old who is highly unamused and proceeds to pick up the age 12-13 telling me "they'll fit". Em, no I don't think so. They are way too big. So determined not to leave the shop without her shorts, she proceeds to pick up the age 5-6 telling me "these'll fit me". We bicker back and forth for a few minutes with my telling her that age 5-6 will not fit her but that I will get her a pair elsewhere and her repeatedly telling me that they will fit her. Eventually I snap "They will not fit you, they are at least 2 sizes too small but you know what? Go and try them on, go on.".

10 year old hot foots it to the changing room with a determined look on her face. A couple of minutes later I hear the sound of my Mum laughing "You need to come and see this" she says. There in the changing room, prancing around sporting a huge smug grin is my 10 year old
...wearing the shorts and displaying enough space at the waist to get my Mum's hand in! "See I told you they'd fit so waaaayyyy" she says in her very best chav tone. So I reluctantly parted with the cash for her new shorts...she is very happy with her new purchase because they are, and I quote, "well nice and my pals wear them".

I am left though wondering if it's not fundamentally wrong that my 10 year old can still get into clothes that are made for age 5-6??

Still I'd be more concerned if faced with the issue that was in last weeks news...the poor 8 year old lad who weighs in at 15 stone. God love him. That wee lad has years of misery ahead of him. Imagine having to be worrying about your weight at such a young age and the ridiculing he'll get from others? Well it doesn't bear thinking about.

Jenny xx


Wreckless said...

Either your 10 year old is way under nourished, or the manufacturers of those city shorts are a bunch of obese unschooled, mathematically challenged squint eyes.....


Wreckless said...

It is wrong that you don't post more often... very wrong, or are you too busy helping that youngster to lose some of his stones? BTW - he probably has a career as a sumo wrestler. And he can probably gat his name into the Guiness book of records.

I think his parents should be held accountable, and a mandatory jail term is not too harsh a sentence. It's unintentional attempted manslaughter if he dies of his condition.....