Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nothing To Report...

God it's been dull in Edinburgh this last weekend. Absolutely nothing has happened in the nations capital that's worth mentioning. It's been a quiet weekend.

I was out on Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours. It was quite chilly, in fact the atmosphere at some points that afternoon was decidedly frosty in some sections....namely sections A to Z with the possible exceptions being section M where they seemed to have a warm glow around them. Mind you to be fair there was some sections which saw a rise in temperatures a couple of times. In fact in some parts certain individuals were positively raging!

Then on Sunday I stayed in all day. Didn't venture over the door at all. Apparently there was a whole load of Hobo-type characters on the move from 9am until about 12pm making their way out the city for a day trip to Weegieland. As they don't get to go there that often they were all very excited.

Unconfirmed reports reached me that between the hours of 12pm and 6pm there were no crimes committed in the city nor was there any drug taking activity. This is possibly coincidental to the Hobo-type characters leaving the city but I doubt it!

At about 5pm I heard a rumour that there was a large convoy of caravans heading eastbound on the M8 motorway. It seemed the Hobo-type characters who had left the city earlier were now on their way back. So with all this going on it seemed best just to stay indoors despite the streets of the capital being the safest they had been since about 1991. I say 1991 because although they had a day out to Weegieland on 2nd April last year they went in much smaller numbers with many of them thinking it was fancy dress and going dressed as seats the silly so and so's!

I heard at about 6pm that there was a large caravan convoy heading eastbound on the M8. It wasn't anything to worry about though as it was just the Hobo-type characters returning from their day out. Apparently it had gone much better this year than last when they all came home early and suicidal. They were this time all in good spirits which may be linked to the amount of alcohol they'd consumed or the fact they'd managed to give their carers the slip for the day.

They were in such good spirits that they decided to throw a party. Well I say party but there was hardly anyone there I'm led to believe. More a gathering than a party. They had booked a bus for some of their special friends to go on so they could show off what they had won on their day out. (Reports that some of them stole the roof from it to sell for scrap are still be confirmed)
I think it was some sort of small cup. I know it couldn't have been a big cup because there's only one of them in Scotland and I was at the party for that one last year and if I recall correctly there was lots of fine upstanding people at that party...thousands upon thousands of them...and no Hobo-types in sight.

Anyhow I heard it was a crappy party...it was rainy and sleety and cold. Not like that big, massive party I went to last year or the one I went to in May 1998. Both of them were on glorious days with the weather perfect for dancing in the streets. Maybe the higher being who controls the weather doesn't like Hobo-type characters? Just a thought as I heard it was snowing and sleety and rainy while they were on their day trip to the Weeg as well.

Anyway, come Monday their was a slight chill in the air again. It seemed a black cloud that had been lurking since Saturday at about 4:45pm over the west side of Edinburgh had grown in size over the Sunday and was, by Monday morning, hanging ominously over many areas of west Edinburgh. It seems to have affected some people's health and I was told that many people were absent from work on Monday morning and that many a doctors surgery was full of poor souls suffering from a strange depression like illness. Rumour has it that this cloud is carrying a contamination from eastern europe but that contamination may be made worse by some green lurgy that is attached to it.

So nothing much to report from here over the weekend. Nowt much in the papers or on the news apart from the wee mention about the Hobo-type characters and their crap party and even then it was a bit overshadowed because it seems Celtic lost again at football for the 3rd time in a row which has caused a bit of an uproar.

My sister has been in contact a lot over the weekend. I think she went with the Hobo-type characters on their day trip to Weegieland. I'm trying not to have to communicate with her for the time being. I find she makes me feel a bit sick. So anyway I've decided the best course of action for me is just to chill out and keep my head down until all this nasty business with the black cloud and the eastern european contamination and the green lurgy and the Hobo-type characters calms down. I'll just go quietly about my business....

Jenny xx

p.s - before I go can I just say....It's a wee cup for a wee team. Feck the Hibs!! "You won the league cup, we don't give a fuck, it's 105 in a roooowwww!!"

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