Monday, August 29, 2005


I feel the need to write on here but I am being held back by one vital element. Boredom. I simply cannot think what the hell to write about.

This is mainly because nothing has been happening in the merry old land of Jenny in recent days. I've no stories to tell and have heard little or no gossip to pass on...unless you count my sister's ex-boyfriend's brother in law commiting suicide, my cousin losing her drivers license for reckless driving after hitting a lamp post, a thief being on the loose at my children's school or someone I know being suspected of fraud. Of course this is usual run of the mill stuff for me and not worth bothering about.

If you're reading this and have any suggestions n what to write about let me know...god knows I need the inspiration!!!

Jenny xx

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Michelle said...


How about the fact that they put the paper towel in the bathroom sometime furthest from the door?? Who wants to shake hands with the previous occupants rear? Not me. LOL. P.S. Thanks for reading my blog (Object of My Injection), I'm glad you visited ;o)