Tuesday, August 30, 2005


So there I was feeling pained by the fact that I had nothing to write about on here when I stumble across another blog which blows my boredom from my mind and makes me feel a bit silly for having nothing to write about.

The blog is by a lady called Michelle who lives in Minneapolis (one of my favourtite places, in fact I'm off there in 8 weeks!!) in the US of A. Michelle is 28 years old. There is a photo of her on the blog which shows her to be a beautiful woman with a lovely bright smile. This photo, with it's big grin, is sort of at odds with the subject of the blog. You see Michelle has MS and the blog is her journal of the illness.

I have known 2 people in my life who had MS and know what a horrible illness it can be. It's debilitating nature can leave even the most positive soul feeling sorry for themselves and with good reason. Michelle though has detailed the first symptoms, her fear while waiting for her diagnosis, her treatment and her up days and down days with a hint of a smile and a big dose of "I won't let this ruin my spirit".

I fully admit that while reading through it I went from tears to laughter and back again more than once. Michelle's lack of self pity and determination to carry on with her life as much as possible is an inspiration. Not only to fellow sufferers but to other's like me who have nothing more to worry about today then whether to hang out my washing!

Read it for yourself here.

Jenny xx

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Michelle said...

And now it is I with, in fact, tears and a little laughter that I read YOUR blog. I can't thank you enough for the kind praises, words and noted interest you have taken in my story. One day at a time, that is my motto.

THAT, and change your underwear. LOL.

Cheers and lots of love!