Sunday, August 07, 2005

Confused Dot Com

If you live outside the UK you may well haev no idea what the hell I'm talking about...but there is an advert here for a Car Insurance Broker called

The advert is highly annoying and features a man shouting loudly how "looking for cheaper car insurance drives him mad" and saying "Confused dot com" a lot in a very annoying manner.

Turns out that this man is my Uncle's Cousin...bloody hell.

Now how I can't be related to a man who is related to Robbie Williams I don't know...instead I am related to a man who is related to the mosty annoying thing on Tv after Crazy Fucking Frog!! Typical.

Of course things are different if you're a child. 8 year old loves the advert, knows it almost word for word and is thoroughly chuffed that her Great Uncle is related to the man in the advert. She's telling all her friends and they think it's like waaay coool.

I wonder how cool 8 year old and her friends will find me when they learn I too have been a Tv star. I'm off to rake out the video of me appearing in a school's programme. I get a big close up as well that's definitely Waaay coool. I do the best impression of a tree in school uniform you've ever seen.

Yes you did read that right. I was performing a "dance, mime scene" to classical music in school uniform. My role was that of a tree in a forest which closes in around innocent young children wandering along through a forrest! My school was a big highlight in the STV Schools Programme schedule of Autumn 1985. No jokes please about wooden acting!

Of course it's not my only bruch with fame whilst at school. I have also been seen by an audience of Millions on Tv when I took part in the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in 1986. I was seen dancing in the stadium as part of a big choreographed number and running through the streets of Edinburgh before hand!

Now how cool will that be to 8 year old I wonder...I imagine it will be waaay uncooool!!

Jenny xx

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