Sunday, August 28, 2005

Don't You Just Love A Smart Ass....

Last night at "the club", you know that place I work in, there was a quiz night on. I like a wee quiz and so Nikki and I decided we'd join in - not officially cause we're not allowed while we're working - but unofficially to test our brains.

Upon advising Ross that I'm a bit good at general knowledge and useless trivia, he declared he was the master at such things, or words to that effect. "who caused the start of the first world war then?" he asks me. I haven't a clue and tell him so. I try to advise him that in a pub quiz they are much more likely to ask how many number one's Wham! had...Ross disgaree's.

So along comes round one...basic general knowledge. 10 questions.

Question one is read out - "At any one time what is the average number of people on death row in Texas?" The quizmaster asks. Nikki and I look at each other in a pondering kind of way. Ross however states "I saw that in tv not long's about 320" He's confident. We write it down. After all he's a master at this stuff. The next few questions are fairly straight forward and Nikki and I reel of answers between us.

Question 9 comes along - "In which county is the Glastonbury festival held?" asks the quizmaster. Nikki's not sure, I'm thinking it's near Taunton somewhere but not sure...Ross says "Wiltshire" with a smug grin and no hesitation. We write it down.

The final question is easy enough and we complete the round. Time to mark the answers. We get Dean, the glass collector to mark our as we're serving. We get a fairly impressive 8 out of 10.

Which 2 did we get wrong? Yep, you guessed it. The two that Ross answered!!!

For the record there are on average 490 people on death row in Texas at any one time and Glastonbury is held in Somerset...which is where Taunton is funnily enough!!

Luckily for us Ross was not around for the rest of the quiz and Nikki and I did it alone. We did well and in the real world had we been playing we would have come second. I'm pleased to say I was proved right...there was a question on Wham! number one's!!!!

Jenny xx


Ross Douglas said...

My guess about the death row number was closer than yours.

jenny said...

Maybe so but I didn't proclaim to know the answer,therein lies the difference. Don't be too disheartened's a well known fact that women are more intelligent than men. It's your sex that lets you down Hon. xx

Steven Douglas said... have to wonder which tosser has the time to sit and gather all the information to put such quizzes together though... should have remembered that my Cuzzin is the "Minister of Disinformation"...