Friday, August 05, 2005

New Lifestyle Update...

I was you may recall going to start my new healthy eating regime this past Monday. That didn't happen - there is a good reason though. I had recently done a big shop so the cupboards and fridge were teeming with "bad" foods and it would be a waste not to have polished them off before beginning this new adventure!

However, I did pop along to Tesco on Wednesday night to fill up the trolley with all the "good" foods Dr Gillian says I need to be eating. I whizzed past the biscuits, cheesecakes, crisps and wine and filled the trolley with sweet pototoes, leeks, carrots and butternut squash and £100 later headed home.

My fridge looks fantastic - packed to the gunnels with fresh veggies.

Yesterday I began the new eating thing in earnest. Breakfast was a fruit smoothie, Lunch was homemade organic lentil and carrot soup with lettuce wraps and dinner was vegetable chilli casserole and wholegrain rice, with a litre and a half of water for good measure...sound lovely eh? To be honest it's a shit load different from a normal days diet - no breakfast, no lunch and pasta for dinner with crisps in between!

I took the recommended vitamins - B complex, Iron supplement, multivitamin, enchinea, Milk thistle, starflower oil and liquid Aloe juice. I'm sure I heard myself rattle a few times as I was walking along!

So far so good though - I managed to get through day one with no crisps or diet Irn Bru!

Apparently I need to keep it up for 3 months then alter the plan to bring in more normal foods. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end.

One downside I have noticed though...I could now pee for Scotland.

Jenny xx

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