Friday, August 19, 2005

Happy and Sad...

Whilst I was glad to hear the ringing of the school bell on Tuesday, I was also a little sad.

The reason for this was that 5 year old started school. My little baby boy became a big school boy.

Off he went in shirt, tie, big boy's trousers and blazer with a school bag almost as big as he is to join the ranks at the local primary.

There were 28 new Primary One's going in this year and the playground heaving with Mum's & Dad's, Granny's, Grandad's and Auntie's all armed with Camera's and Video Camera's to capture their respective loved one's first day at school for prosperity.

Here's one from our family album!

All 28 of them lined up when the bell went and their new teacher came to meet them and escort them into school. "Say goodbye to your Mum's and Dad's" She said and there was a collective shout of "Bye Mum, Bye Dad" from them all before they all climbed the stairs to begin their first day. Each of them calmly walking into school without so much as a backward glance leaving their Mum's reaching for the hankies!!

5 year old has been desperate to be a big school boy since his best friend started last August so he seemed fair chuffed to be getting his wish at last. I was a little choked up to see him in the uniform but more choked up about the fact that neither his Grandad nor his Gran Isa were still around to see him. Without doubt they would have both been there, camera's in hand, proud as punch! Still he had Mum, Dad, Gran, Auntie Gill and his cousins all waving him off!

He's now finished his first week and seems to still be enjoying it all but of course it's still a novelty...I wonder how they'd feel if they had any concept of time yet and realised they had to go to school for at least the next 11 years!!

Mind you 5 year old seems to have cracked it...there are 9 boys in the class and 19 girls so he'll be spoiled for choice when he gets a bit older!!

Jenny xx

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