Monday, August 08, 2005

Watched The Video...

Sat down with 5 year old and 8 year old last night and watched the video of my Tree performance for Scottish Television back in 1985.

Absolute class. The kids were in hysterics as the close up of me came on the screen. They were rolling around laughing. I must admit I got the giggles a bit myself. One thing became totally apparent to me while watching though...5 year old doesn't half look like his Mum!

Better was to come though when I found a video marked "camcorder". We put it on and spent the next hour ending ourselves as various family gatherings appeared on screen. My wedding, 8 year old as a newborn, my Niece's first birthday, 8 year old's first birthday, and various "taken for the hell of it" moments in between.

The main reason the kids found this funny was looking at what I and my sister were wearing and our hairstyles. Given this tape is only 9 years old, I am disgusted at the state of us both. My hair is scarliy short and my Sister's hair resembles an old english sheepdog! Thank god we've found straighteners! There can be no excuse though for wearing white trousers with heeled shoes...ever! Still we weren't alone, everyone looked dodgy in the video.

At least it gave the kids a good laugh.

On a more subdued note, it was a strange experience watching it again. It's the first time I've seen my Dad in the flesh if you like or heard his voice since he died. It was strangely calming and made it seem like he'd never gone at all. There is also footage of my Sister's Mother-In-Law who died just 7 months before Dad. She looks so healthy and to hear her distintive Irish lilt on the tape again was nice.

They may be embarrasssing these old videos but they do hold a lot of memories and it was nice to see it.

I'll away and put it back for another decade now!

Jenny xx

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