Saturday, August 20, 2005

On The Road Again....

In January this year we had 3 cars parked outside. My sporty job, the family car and Better Halves company 4x4.

Thinking there was no need for this situation we got rid of the family car and I traded in my sports car for a 4x4 of my own. So we became a 2 car family once more. It was all good.


Better Half changed job and the company car was no more. All of a sudden we were a one car family and christ it has been a hassle! I live about 8 miles outside of Edinburgh in a village and it's not the best place on earth to be when you don't have a car all day. Better Half has been taking our sole remaining vehicle to work all day leaving me (during the kids holiday's I might add) without wheels.

I am now pleased to report that I am back in business! Better Half has got a new car and we are again a 2 car family! Of course seeing as how he got a new car I wanted one as well and so the 4x4 we currently have is today being replaced with a new 4x4 for me! So it's goodbye to my lovely Japanese imported turbo diesel, with japanese Sat Nav and Japanese TV - none of which I can understand and hello to my new black 4x4 with UK Sat Nav, DVD player and Leather Seats.

Happy? I think I am! Keeping it for any decent length of time? I intend to but we'll see! We've had 10 cars in 5 years!

Oh and happy days also to my wee sis who has traded in her little 1 litre Daewoo (Dad used to say he had had Lawnmowers with more power!!) for a nice shiny new Peugeot.

What my Dad would think about us spending our inheritance on cars I don't know - he'd probably be fairly happy. Dad was the sort that liked to get a new car himself...I can guarantee that if he'd been here and my sister, better half and I were all buying new cars he'd soon have followed suit...with that in mind I can only wonder how long it will be before Mum is trading in her Tony Toyota for a new model.

Jenny xx

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Dont know if you know...
You are being linked to by the the new goo.