Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dear God..It Seems I'm Back...

Yep, I'm back.

I have been offline since exactly 2.12am on Monday 4th September. No internet access. No
e-mail. No Jambo's Kickback. No Blog.

The reason for this was that in my infinite wisdom I decided to switch my ISP from Orange (the artist formerly known as Wanadoo) to British Telecom (now referred to as Indian Telecom).

For anyone thinking of doing likewise I have the following advice. Don't. It's been a complete and utter fucking nightmare from start to finish. It was sold to me as a quick 15 minute change over. Each minute lasting about 20 hours in reality.

What pisses me off most is that I have spent 5 hours on the phone to their technical help dept trying to explain my problem to people who can barely speak english let alone understand it. Let me explain, you see BT's technical Help Desk is actually in India. English is not the mother tongue and it's plainly obvious. More fucking irritating though is finally getting to speak to someone based in the UK and being told they can't understand my accent! "you've got a right strong accent, oh your from Scotland! It's really hard to understand what you're saying" I was told and this from a man in Sunderland a place where they can only understand each other their accents are so strong.

Anyways Better Half managed to find out what was goosed and at 12.35pm today my internet connection finally came alive again!!

Fingers crossed it stays that way.

Jenny xx

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