Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Arse...

Is still the cause of much grief just now.

I've been told by the nurse (who's very nicely been in every day since my op to dress and pack my wound) that I might be looking at another 10 days of daily packing followed by another few weeks of packing done every three days. Champion. It fecking hurts getting the packing in.

Getting it out though is an altogether more pleasant job. I kneel in the bath (no bubbles but 2 big handfuls of salt!) and the packing sort of loosens till it's hanging looks like I have a bloody tail! Better Half then removes it for me with tweezers, slaps a wad of gauze between my bum cheeks and we await the nurse to her bit! Better Half is turning out to be quite the Florence Nightingale!

The smell coming from my dressings though is, it has to be said, fecking putrid! My insides are obviously rotten.

On a more pleasant note...I'm down to painkillers three times a day instead of every 4 hours which is a triumph!

Jenny xx

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