Sunday, September 24, 2006

Last Night....

I was at a wee bash to help my mate Yvonne celebrate her 18th.

It was held at the establishment where I used to pull pints of a weekend. It was my first outing there since my sacking back in July but I was not alone in this as Ross was also venturing back for the first time and in addition I was accompanied by my friend Eileen who resigned from her bar job there back in January partly due to the way she was treated.

I hadn't seen many of the members at my previous place of work for a while. Over the 4 years or so I was there I met some nice folks and it was nice to see many of them again last night. What struck me as odd was the number of them who had been told from certain sources that I had resigned! Some, lets call them higher up members, only found out I'd been sacked this week when Ross met a similar fate! It beggars belief. Why say I resigned when not only was there a witness to the fact I was sacked but I have been sent a letter to say that was the case?

Many of the members wished me well in my bid to get to the truth and fight for my rights. Many of them expressed the fact that I was a good barmaid and was missed. It was also humourous to note the number of people who said the words "This would never have happened if your Dad was alive, he'd have smacked someone by now!". There may be a slight element of truth in that!

So thanks to everyone who made a wee comment of support last night and I wasn't alone in hearing some nice words, Ross and Eileen both received a warm welcome from the members and similar comments. Just 9 months ago all three of us would have been working together behind the bar last night instead of being on the customer side....funny how things change eh?

Jenny xx

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Steven Douglas said...

The truth will out...and someone's head will roll at the BBC...

Glad you had a good time...infected backside and all... :-)