Monday, May 08, 2006

A Busy Week Ahead...

Ah Monday morning again...

It's now 8.57am and the house is silent except for the clack of my fingers on here and the occasional hum from the heating system as it heats up my hot water. All the bustle of the last 45 minutes as I sorted out dinner money, uniforms,breakfasts, school bags, snacks and chaperoned the face washing and teeth brushing has stopped. Better Half is away to work and the kids have been dropped at school where they will remain for the next 6 hours.

Time for a quiet cup of coffee I think. However while the stillness of my house is nice I'm not going to be enjoying it for long. This is shaping up to be a busy week for me.

The nice weather we've had has brought with it the fact that lots of washing has been hung out to dry. Now inevitably it needs to be ironed. I've got phone calls to make, the kids beds to change. I need to play catch up with my Sis as I haven't seen her since we got back from USA. I have to head into town to do some shopping. I need to go to the bank to pay in some cheques and I need to make appointments to have my hair and nails done and my eyebrows waxed.

Obviously we are heading to the Cup Final on Saturday and I need to make sure that strips, scarves and other bits and pieces are ready. I've been tasked with locating Maroon and White face paints and I have managed to source them but it's another trip to get them, this time to Edinburgh.

So I'm going to enjoy my coffee in the quiet of this Monday morning before it all gets noisy again.

Have a great week.

Jenny xx

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Steven Douglas said...

Ah, the luxury of having a quiet morning to yourself...

{"pop" - back into the real world}