Friday, May 12, 2006

The Night Before...

Right then we are now at 1900 hrs here in cloudy Kirknewton. It is exactly 20 hours until kick off in the Cup Final.

The face paints, wigs, flags and scarves are ready to go. The strips are washed, ironed and ready to wear and the tickets are safely out of reach of small children and silly boxer dogs.

We're heading off at 8am tomorrow morning to join 33,000 other Jambo's on the trail to Hampden.

It is the biggest game either of my 2 have been to see and they can't wait.

I'm not going to say we'll will it because I'm superstitious but fingers crossed we'll be having a party come 4.45pm tomorrow.

If Gretna manage to pull of the fairytale...well good for them...just don't expect me on here for about a week.


Jenny xx

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