Friday, May 26, 2006

The Sound Of Hysterical Laughter...

7.08pm yesterday evening and my phone rings. I amswer it with a "hello" and am met by the sound of someone laughing and making strange high pitched noises. After a few seconds they say "hello, how's you?" to which I reply "I'm alright, how's you?" the laughter continues until the caller says "I'm having a fucking ball!". It has now dawned on me who is behind the laughter and sounds of's Ross calling.

The reason for his merriment is that he has just heard the news that the bitch from hell we used to work with - the one mentioned in my previous post, who has I am pleased to say now fecked off and no longer works there as of last Friday - has fallen and broken her leg!

Indeed if it wasn't enough that she has broken her leg add this...she has broken her leg on the first full day of her holiday in ruined then! Ooops!

I have to admit when I heard the news from my Mum (I already knew when Ross rang) I did break into a big smile, nothing on the scale of Ross' hysterical laughing though but it was kind of infectious to hear and the joy in his voice made my night!

However my concern is that at her age broken bones can take a very long time to heal properly, she'll also be unable to walk round her house jangling her keys and carrying her favourite dishtowel about (something we know she loves to do) and how on earth is she going to get her tights and sandals on while she recuperates??

Just goes to show you that fate has a way of sorting things out...what goes around comes around and all that!

Jenny xx


GorebridgeLady said...

Shame on you and Ross, especially Ross, his mother broke her leg on holiday and A YEAR LATER is still in pain. Poor Shirley. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Wreckless said...

I will have to include the two of you onto my weekly prayer list. Shame on you rejoicing in this persons suffering......


Steven Douglas said...

Jen...Yin/Yang...redeem yourself by volunteering to go round and help her into her tights and sandals... LOL..