Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Relieving The Boredom...

I've decided to get stuck into the garden in order to relieve my current boredom.

It is about 8 weeks until 5 year old becomes 6 year old and it's become a bit of a tradition that we throw a BBQ round about this time. We have only missed one year in the Wee Man's life without our wee gathering and that was Dad's fault because he had the cheek to die one week before the Wee Man's 4th birthday! Needless to say we cancelled that year!

When we first moved in here the garden was a bit of a blank canvas and we spent a small fotune on plants and stuff and it looked great. However we then spent a small fortune on a Boxer Pup who developed a taste for said plants and who steadily destroyed most of them. In addition to that the Scottish winter and the rain have taken their toll on the grass this year which resembles more a swamp than a lawn.

So as I looked out yesterday I decided it was time to get stuck into it again...especially as Boxer Pup is now old enough to know better than to eat my plants! So over the next few days and weeks I will be transforming by wee bit of land into something fit to hold my annual BBQ in. First on the list is a bit of cleaning up followed by a new decking area, some new garden furniture and a bit of new planting. I also need to repaint the fence which is a pain in the ass as it's 6 foot high all the way round and our garden is one of the biggest in the street!

Plenty to do then to ease my boredom...just one wee problem with starting it's pissing down outside...bloody typical!

So I'll begin tomorrow.

Jenny xx


Wreckless said...

Boredom is just a atate of mind, not a state of being.... Think about it!

So traditionally you throw a BBQ1 Well, who hold the record for the furthest throw, and how far would that be?

And.... tommorrow never comes.....


jenny said...

I hold the record for the longest throw...sadly Better Half wasn't there to see it! It was 5 year old's first birthday (so that would make him 1 year old!) and I had fallen out with Better Half big time so he was not in attendance..he was hiding at his brothers cause he'd been naughty. I threw the BBQ all by myself for 30-odd folk for a long time of about 14 hours!'re a funny lad!