Friday, May 12, 2006

Good Deed Done For Today...

That's me secured my brownie points for this week on 2 counts.

Better Half has applied for a new job with Falkirk Council and has more or less secured it but they were needing to get a look at his exam results from school and college which he had misplaced prior to the interview. So being the wonderful wife (albeit not his wife) that I am I volunteered to take them across to Falkirk for him this week since he's at work all day. It wasn't easy as because he's so old his certificates are carved in stone...well I can say that given he left school the year I started as a 5 year old...but I knew it would earn me Brownie points with him.

It also helped in my second good deed of the day which bizarrely enough involved a trip to Grangemouth which is just next door to Falkirk.

Anyways there's this woman called Helen who is 66 years old and is a massive Hearts fan. She was at the match last week and ended up falling and in the process broke her hip. As a season ticket holder she did have match tickets for the final but wasn't able to use them as she is now confined to a wheelchair until the break heals. She tried to get a wheelchair space and carers space but was told they were all sold out.

She was gutted as she has been to every final the team has played in since she was just a child. I heard the story through her cousin (who is also a distant relative of mine) and decided to see if I could help out. A wave of my magic wand later (and an e mail to Heart Of midlothian Football Club) and 2 tickets, wheelchair and carer, are found for me. So I have just returned from Grangemouth where I met Helen for the first time and gave her her tickets for the final. She is beyond chuffed! I'm really pleased for her as she has held a Season Ticket since day one of their inception and follows Hearts home and away including travelling to Europe! Not bad for a woman of 66!

So brownie points (and a nice bouquet of flowers from Helen) for me today on 2 counts.

Jenny xx

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