Friday, May 12, 2006

My Night With Paddy...

3 rows from the front. Close enough to Paddy to smell his aftershave. I was not the only one breathing deeply I can assure you. He looks even better in the flesh and is taller than I expected...always a bonus to find a tall man when you're 6ft in stilettos yourself!

We had a great night at the Dark Side last night. We settled ourselves in with a pint each of Tennents and watched to warm up act who did his job well and had the crowd laughing away with the usual inclusion of some very dry humour and piss taking jokes about his kinsman (he was there was plenty talk of sheep!).

After a short interval, we headed back to our seats with another pint of Tennents each. Paddy appeared a few minutes later to plenty noise...cheers from the lads and wolf whistles from the lassies!

This is the first time Paddy has toured solo so I think a few were curious to see if he could cut it alone...he managed it fine. There was shades of Peter Kay about the routine but not unexpected when you realise he helped to write it but while Peter makes comedy out of the wedding day, Paddy's humour tends to focus more on the honeymoon if you get my meaning. We went on a trip through STD clinics, why British women are the best, The Gary Glitter reality tv show, vibrators and porn mags all via Robbie Williams house and Keith Chegwins penis.

There was then a Q & A session. At the bar there had been paper and pen's and a big plastic bucket. The idea was you were to ask Paddy a question and later in the show he got the bucket and randomly picked the questions out and answered them. You had to put your name on it so Paddy could find you if he wanted to. I thought maybe it would be staged questions to ensure a funny answer but after each one was read out the house lights went up and seeing the look of embarrassment on people's faces whose questions had been pulled out made me realise they were genuine enough. Bizarrely enough the first three were all more or less the same and all focused on women asking how big Paddy's manhood was! Cue red faced women being shown up under the house lights. No I was not one of them!

It was a good night and my ribs got a bit painful at one point from laughing so much which is always a good sign.

Jenny xx

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