Monday, March 20, 2006

Good Weekends Ahead...

The next 2 weekends are going to be fun in this house. Well at least for me anyway!

Next Sunday is Mother's Day and as I am one of the millions of Mother's in this country I can look forward to breakfast in bed and the inevitable homemade cards that the kids will do in school...I like those one the best!

The Sunday after is my favourite day of the year...2nd of birthday! Yippee! I love birthdays even though my 21st is fading into the background! I'm not worried about getting older, I still feel about 21 and I am still able to get away with looking a few years younger than I am so it's all immaterial what age I will be!

Not only is Sunday 2nd April my birthday but it is the day of the Scottish Cup Semi Final between Hearts and Hibs. I will be spending part of my birthday in Hampden Park in Glasgow along with thousands of others. Obviously if Hearts win then my birthday will be the bestest day ever...but if we lose...well it may turn out a bit shitty but either way I get to drink myself into an alcohol induced coma so it's not all bad!

Jenny xx


Steven Douglas said...

How can you say it'll be a good day to spend your day in Hamden Park, home of {ggaacckkkk}....Celtic..?

I'd rather spend the time plucking my eyebrows with a soldering iron...

jenny said... need to be stroppy because your team aren't getting to go this season. ;) Do you regard it as Celtic's home becuase they get to go more often than you're team too???!!