Saturday, March 04, 2006


I am now ill enough to be able to cough up the phlegm which has been threatening to appear all week. Unfortunatley I'm not one of those who can cough it up and spit it out like you should to be rid of it. It just makes me gag. I am a swallower not a least when it comes to phlegm! I am now sporting a cough that I didn't expect to have until well into my 50's when the ciggies finally make their mark on my body.

I have battled with this viral thingy for a week now and decided not to give in and stayed out of bed and on the move...I now have to admit defeat because the bug is winning the battle and instead of getting better I feel it looks like it's antibiotics and rest for a few days then!

Jenny xx

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Godess Of Bitch said...

sounds like everyone is passing around bronchitis..not a lovely bug to have but better than some! Lovely car(even if it is a Ford)and hopefully you'll get to put it to the test soon! I'll try to wipe the dust off my blog soon, school is killing me not to mention what the kids are doing! I'll fill everyone in sometime in the near future. Hope you feel better soon!