Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Super Hero Powers...

Spiderman has the ability to climb anything. The Hulk can get all green and angry. Johnny Storm can burn everything up. The Incredibles are just incredible, a whole family filled with super hero powers! Wolverine can slice up stuff with his big long knife hands. The Fantastic Four have loads of powers.

Even a few non super hoeroes have super powers...Shrek can defeat scary dragons, The Wicked Witch of The West (my heroine) can fly on her broomstick and Mary Poppins can not only jump into chalk paintings but she can fly with an umbrella and clean a whole room with a click of her fingers now that's what I call a supernanny.

My personal favourite though is Superman. How good is he? Not only can he fly, he can also freeze things, lift really heavy stuff, take stuff away into space and is strong enough to spin the whole world round. That's well impressive. My favourite power of his though is his laser eyes.

I want a set of those. I want mine to be red lasers that instantly destroy whatever they are pointed at. How much fun would that be? Imagine just being able to look, shoot laser and destroy. People who annoy me...gone. Micra car's driving along slowly...gone. Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton...gone. Spiders of the world...gone.

I've been pointing my eyes and trying to fire lasers for many years and now and it's just not happening. I am confident one day though that red lasers will shoot out one of these days!

Before you go thinking I'm nuts. I'm not. Well not much anyway. I told Ross about my longing for laser eyes at work on Saturday and he looked at me as though I had escaped from the nearest funny farm but I know I am not alone. You might as well all admit it. You know you've all wished at one time that you had a super power!

To prove the point I have just asked Better Half (I try and shoot lasers at him a lot!) what super powers he'd have and he would like to be like Mr Freeze and be able to freeze everything. What a crap power to want but that's fine by me because my lasers would melt his ice so I win!!

Not that I'm competitive or anything!

Jenny xx


Steven Douglas said...

Some women are just not happy enough at being able to shoot daggers with their eyes, are they? Oh no, Jenny's got to be different.... ;-)

jenny said...

I can do daggers pretty good already...time to move onwards and upwards!