Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How On Earth...

Went to get 5 years old's new passport photo's yesterday. His is due to expire in August and as we're heading to the States soon he needs a clear 6 months on it which he wouldn't have. Since the UK powers that be decided a while back that all kids should have their own passports I now need to fork out another £70 for him to get a new one.

It's bloody bizarre the way the system works. The kids passports last for 5 years or until they are 16...last October 5 year old was carrying a passport with a photo of him in it at 14 months old! It could have been any child at all since he has changed a bit between 14 months and 5!! 9 year old got a new one last year which will take her till she's 14 so I then need to pay for a 5 year passport for her at £70 (although it will be higher by then no doubt) which she can only use for 2 years!

Someone I know had to get a passport for their daughter...she was 3 months old. How the hell are you supposed to get a 3 month old to sit for a passport photo? It was bad enough trying to get my wriggly 14 month son to sit still and even then he couldn't get high enough for his face to appear in the screen!

We delayed getting his photo's done for a few weeks because he had gone to bed and stuck chewing gum in his hair which then had to be cut out and had left a nice bald spot we held out until his hair had grown in again! We decided we needed to get it done yesterday so I can get through to the passport office with it and get ot done or we'll be cutting it fine...typically though 5 year old appeared home after school yesterday with a big scratch down his face and a red mark on his neck...Nice one.

Jenny xx

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Wreckless said...

If he's changed that much between 17 months and 5 years... are you sure you still have the same child?

As for getting a 3 month old to sit still... ever heard of duct tape?
You put them in a sitting position, tape them to the chair. Then you lift their heards, and tape that to the chair.
The body wrap is around the waist, looks like a belt. The head wrap is around the forehead, looks like headwear! No problem.

As for the scratches and stuff.... he's a boy. Who wants to look mlike blooming Beckham on his passport photo. Rather look like Rambo.
Tell him from me

Good for you bro!!