Saturday, March 04, 2006

My New Toy...

I picked up my new toy on Wednesday. First time I have ever had a brand new car on new registration day. I didn't get to enjoy the feeling of driving about with my sparkly new 06 plate though and having people look at me because I have a personal number plate. However the car did cause a few heads to turn as we drove it home from the garage probably because of the lovely noise the engine gives off!

Sadly due to feeling like shit for the last week I haven't felt like taking it for a decent spin yet and for the most part it's been sat outside doing nothing. I fully intend to rectify this as soon as I feel a bit better!

I have though in one of the few times I been in it discovered that it will get up to 90mph in less than 8 seconds which is all good!

Jenny xx


Anonymous said...

90mph in under 8 seconds... naaa

Evo magazine tested the ST and it could do 100mph in 16.3 seconds. Sales pater from Ford if you ask me.

Watch out for Accord Type R's They are faster than their wee sister the Civic. Wink Wink.

jenny said...

I will indeed watch out for the Accord Type R. The Accord is a nice car. Always preferred them to the Civic anyway.

I'd probably consider buying one of them. Ford are masters are sales patter as we all know. However I need to advise you that you can indeed get your Asbo to 90 in damn near 8 seconds and for the record 100 in about 11 not 16! You've gotta be able to get your gear changes just right and be willing to red line the revs but it can be done...I am living proof!

Anonymous said...

ST is an extremely smart car whatever the performance figures. Stealth like appearance and a beautiful sounding engine. Go Girl!