Monday, March 20, 2006

A Very High Opinion...

Better Half got that brown envelope through the post a few eeks ago. The one that says the name of a court on it and is very official. The one that says you pay your taxes and have registered to vote and so you have won the lucky "jury duty" lottery.

He's away to today for the first selection thingy that you need to do.

We were out for dinner last night and were heading home when 5 year old asked his Dad what he was doing the next day.

"Well tomorrow I'm going to court" said Geoff and before he got any further 9 year old piped up "Why what have you done now? whatever it was your probably guilty" before being followed by 5 year old's "Well that's it're going to prison".

How nice that they have such a high opinion of their Father!!

I should point out that apart from one appearance for speeding (doing 61 in a 40 zone) Geoff has never been in court apart from Jury duty!!

Jenny xx

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Wreckless said...

Sounds like the kids know something you dont!