Thursday, March 30, 2006

Semi Final Jitters...

It's now only 2 days until Hearts take on Hibs in the cup semi at Hampden and I'm getting a wee bit anxious over it all.

I can only assume it's because we're playing Hibs and as they are our biggest rivals the thought of defeat to them is just making me feel uneasy. It may also be because whoever wins this tie should by rights go on to win the cup and the fact that it might be them is just...well it's just...not acceptable! We may well have given them their biggest chance of winning in over a century anyway given we are currently managerless and under the spell of Vlad the Impaler who seems hell bent on making us sweat with his timing for sacking managers!

Still we have history on our side. It's over 103 years since Hibs last won the cup...1902 to be precise and they've only ever done so twice in their history.

We have a slightly better record having won it 6 times. Which is highly significant in number terms as it goes. Why is the number 6 so significant? Well we've won it 6 times including 1895/96, 1905/06, 1955/56 and we've been defeated finalists 6 times including 1975/76, 1985/86 & 1995/96. We've had 6 managers since we last won it (ok so I'm counting the current caretaker manager but so what??) and there were 6000 tickets available for public sale for the match and... I'm clutching at straws now!! I am though taking this as a good omen!

So for the first time in my life I am not confident about us humping the green scum. There will be no great predictions from me about how we are going to breeze past them and run away with the cup. I am mentally preparing myself for a nerve wracking 90 minutes in Glasgow on Sunday whihc will only be eased if we are 3 up at half time or with minutes to go until the whistle. I am not gloating pending victory my Hibee friends or relations (yes I do have some!) and have remained unusually quiet.

Cup fever is beginning to grip Edinburgh though as over 57000 of us in either Green or Maroon prepare to head west this weekend. Come 2pm on Sunday one lot of us will be gutted on the road home and one lot will be singing all the way home (unless of course the result is a draw which will just make me want to puke!).

Let me assure you now that if I am in the lot which are gutted I will be instantly supporting whichever team is left to face Hibs in the final, so I will be either a Gretna or Dundee supporter come cup final day...and before you think I'm being petty...I always support the underdog which would be Gretna if they make it and I was born in Dundee so technically I can support them as my home team if I like! If of course I am among the lot which are singing heading home then you can expect me to be on here on Monday morning full of the joys of spring just don't expect to hear me say I knew we could do it!

Oh but did I mention there are also 6 letters in the word Hearts? Oh shit I've just realised that the last 3 times we've been defeated have all ended in a cancel that because that meant we got to the final and this is just a semi so it must be a good omen...and we won it 100 years ago so surely that's a good sign...

( Note to self - Fucking hell it's only a game! Deep breaths Jenny! )

Jenny xx

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