Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy Blog Birthday To Me...

Doesn't time fly? It's one year ago today since I started this blog.

In that year...

I have become older, gained a few pounds and been brunette, red headed and blonde. I have been on 12 aeroplane's, been in accident & emergency on 3 occasions, owned 5 different cars, visted Iceland on 4 occasions, been in a helicopter and had 6 holidays.

I've been happy, hysterical, angry, sad, emotional and a little strange.

I've argued with people, laughed with people, cried with people, shouted at people and been in love with people.

I've made new friends and found old one's I'd lost touch with and better still I haven't lost any I did have...always a bonus!

I've been drunk more than a few times, I've been sick, I've seen the room spin but I haven't had a hangover.

I've bought more clothes than I've thrown out and I have less shoes than I had this time last year but I own more handbags and watches!

I've watched my Sis become single again and my Mum become part of a couple again. I've seen my baby start school and heard my daughter ask for her first bra (not bloody likely at 9!).

There have been no new births in my family and (sigh of relief) there has been no deaths either.

I've lost a wisdom tooth, 9 year old's lost a big tooth and 5 year old thinks he's found his first wobbly tooth.

I've been able to sit in a pub and smoke and now I've been made to stand outside a pub to smoke. I've taken drugs...but only on prescription. I've swapped Lemonade for Ginger Ale in my Vodka and I've realised that my Better Half snores like a pig.

I have been living with someone else's husband for longer than I lived with my own! Bizarrely though I am still a wife and have been married to my Husband for another year and will soon be "celebrating" my 10th wedding work it out!

I have gotten through another 365 days without my lovely Daddy and I am no longer angry with him.

I have toyed with idea of having another baby on at least 6 occasions but have still not thought of one good reason to go through it all again..I have managed to think of at least 5 why I shouldn't hence the reason I have not gotten pregnant in this last year.

All in all it's been a good 365 days.

Jenny xx


Steven Douglas said...

The one about your dad is the main interesting year, for sure though..

Anonymous said...

I still miss my Dad.... after 32 years

Ross Douglas said...

I miss your dad also.

Whatever etheral plane he now resides in is a better place for having him, sadly this one has to do without. There is no justice...

GorebridgeLady said...
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GorebridgeLady said...

I didn't know your dad all that well but what I did know I liked, he was a lovely man.

It does gets better, there will come a time when you can talk about him without crying, and think of hime with smiles and happy thoughts.

Remember the good times.

I read your comments on the "last year" and thought it a really nice piece.

I am pleased your mum is now part of a couple again, I know her chap and wish them all the best.

Your a good mate to my Ross and that makes you a good "un" in my books.

Keep smiling Jenny.

jenny said...

Seeing as how my kids are sadly lacking in the grandparent stakes having lost 4 in 4 months and having only my wee Mammy left...are they allowed to adopt a granny?? If so could we have Mrs D??

Thanks for your kind words Mrs D and as for you Ross...

whenever I think of you and my Dad there is only one sentence that comes to mind! You know what that'll be! I can't help but think though that given the affection he had for you he'd have welcomed you in with open arms!

GorebridgeLady said...

My grandchildren lost one of their Grandads last year and it was just awful, Matthew was only 3 but still remembers him which is just so nice. He to was a great family man and is much missed, but your never forgotten as long as someone remembers you and such will be the case with your dad. Keep smiling, enjoy Florida, all of you. God willing your have your mum for many many years and like me she adores her grandkids.