Wednesday, March 15, 2006

They're Not Daft...

I called my bank last week to check up on a few things related to my account. I got the answers I was after and was ready to hang up wen the lady at the branch asked me when I had last had a review done on my accounts.

Well that answer was simple. Never. I could see this question was leading somewhere and it did. For the next few minutes I was hit with a serious of questions and statements from her...

Did I know that I had quite a bit of money in my various accounts?
Did I know I could be getting better intrest rates?
Why did I not have a mortgage with them?
Had I thought of investing my money?
Why did I not have a credit card with them?
Had I condsidered buying shares perhaps I'd like to buy shares in the bank?
Had I thought about having the accounts reviewed because the bank have lots of special offers for someone like me?

Someone like me? Would that be the same me that once seperated from my husband and wanted to buy his share of the house we lived in but wasn't considered good enough despite having a good job and a good income? Would that be the same me that as soon as I did seperate from my husband got her measly £100 overdraft limit removed? Would that be the same me as the one they took the cheque book from as soon as she became a single woman with a child? I assume it is the same me that got her cheque book and overdraft back as soon as she put a man's name back on her account?

I politely informed her that I was well aware of the balances in my account. That I knew I might get a better intrest rate with a different account, that I didn't have a mortgage with them because I had gone elsewhere and had since sold the house for a nice profit thank you very much, that I have little or no intention of investing my money in anything at this moment, that I had credit cards with other suppliers, that I'd be a damn sight more likely to give my money to charity than take shares in the bank and that she needn't worry too much about reviewing the accounts because I planned to spend every penny in them on shoes, cars and holidays and that if she had really looked at my accounts properly she would have seen that this course of action was already well under way.

Before any of you get any mad ideas that I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams...I'm not. Far from it. I do have a bit tucked aside but it came from 2 sources that I'd much rather have alive and well and standing beside me now if you get my meaning. The simple fact is that as soon as anyone has any credit in their accounts the bank's go wild to throw things at them...all of which are designed to make more money for the bank! Anyway I'm quite sure that the sources I got my money from would much rather see me use it to put a smile on all our faces rather than line the pockets of the I'm going to stick to the shoes, cars and holiday plan!!

Jenny xx


Wreckless said...

You go girl! Iloved your responses to the banks offerings. Will keep them in mind for one day!
Great and good for you!

Now, can I interest you in some "like new" "hardly blemished" and well polished South African Defense Force boots. Size 10!

jenny said...

Well know I have checked my shoe collection and I seem to be lacking in size 10 defence force boots...who should I make the cheque payable to?