Thursday, March 30, 2006

Like Mother, Like Son...

Tonight was Parent's Night at my kids school. The twice yearly occasion when my kids teachers get to tell me how the bairns are doing in school.

First up tonight was 5 year old's teacher. I couldn't help but notice that we were last on her list for the day...I had a feeling this might be an omen! We know from previous conversations with her that 5 year old can be a bit hyper at times and has a general likeness for singing at any given moment! Things began ok though as she informed us that he's settled into school really well and seems to really enjoy it (give him'll pass!). She also seemed really pleased with his progress in reading, writing and maths which was great.

She then went on to talk a bit about his attitude and approach to school and we get the same routine about his love of singing at silly times, how he likes to talk to himself, how he can be a bit hyper now and then. About halfway through she tells us a story about 5 year old which had occured earlier in the week.

5 year old had been a bit too chatty so she decided to move him seats to settle him back down. A few minutes after the move she heard 5 year old say "I've got a pain", concerned for him she asked him if he had said he was in pain. "Yes I have a pain in my head" 5 year old replied She asks 5 year old to tell her about the pain. "I am the pain" he states "I gave myself the pain because I talked too much and got moved". The teacher is a bit puzzled but 5 year old goes on "That's how I've got a pain now because I get sick of myself. I just sicken myself sometimes cause I talk too much" as he is saying this he is shaking his head. The teacher tells us she had to walk away from him to stop herself laughing because he sounded like such an old man as he said it. Geoff is just smiling at her as she finishes her story...I on the other hand am poorless. I have gotten the giggles at the image of 5 year old being sick of himself and I can't stop. I try hard to put an end to them but they just keep going and the sight of my son's teacher staring at me in disbelief doesn't help. "He's quite a character" she says trying to keep going "he really can be quite funny at times" but I have the sort of giggles that just cannot be controlled. The only cure is to walk away...I make my apologies and leave the room leaving Geoff and Miss Teacher sitting there. I vaguely hear Geoff telling her "Now you know where he gets it from".

I stand outside the classroom trying really hard to compose myself. I have tears running down my face. After a couple of minutes I manage to control myself enough to go back in. A few minutes (and complete silence from me) later we're all done. As we leave the classroom and say goodnight I can see clearly in my son's teacher's face that she is in no doubt where he gets his silly streak from.

I still had one more meeting to go but I was fine by the time I got to see 9 year old's teacher. Luckily there was no silliness story for her. She by all accounts is a fairly model pupil, tries hard, is imaginitive, polite and popular.

I wonder where she gets that from? Must be Geoff's influence! My boy on the other hand? Well he's just like his Mother!

Jenny xx

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