Sunday, March 19, 2006

Stamp Of Approval...

My car now has the official Ross Douglas stamp of approval.

Who says women don't know what to look for when buying a car?? We're not all looking for lights on the vanity mirror or room in the boots for shoe purchases (although both are a bonus obviously!).

There are a fair few of us girlies who are avid Top Gear watchers (not only due to Richard Hammond...although to be fair having him on there does help!) and who know our Ford Gt's from our Ferrari F430's and know that new Jaguar XK is unquestionably better than a 6 series and was designed by the same man who brought us the Aston Martin DB9.

Many women have now realised that a car can be just as much a great accessory as this season's must have Vuitton handbag...if a tad more expensive! Having a good car and a bit of knowledge about them is also a great pulling technique...not only does a nice car turn heads but being able to talk "technology" about cars is almost as impressive to a man as knowing the offside rule (I'm dead clever because I know the offside rule!).

Of course for every girl who knows a bit about cars there are still loads more who haven't a clue. They are either happy to let the men in their lives choose their cars for them or go for the smallest car they can find so they can park it easier...and don't even get me started on the women who think so little of their cars that they feel the need to cover the parcel shelf in furry animals and the steering wheel in a pink fluffy thing!

There are still too many women content in the safety zone of their Micra's and their 206's, too afraid of anything over a 1.4 engine.

I'm not one of them. There are no guarantee's in life but I can give you one for will never find me in a garage buying a Micra. Ever. If you do please take me directly to the nearest asylum because it will be obvious that I have lost my mind.

Jenny xx

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Wreckless said...

Jenny and Ross
Driving in a Ford

Ross is on a monster roll
Jenny's 'bout to piss
Cops are having nightmares
And what's all this?

Seems the Fords a runner
Nice for all the boys
But it's not the ride
we wanna hear about!