Thursday, December 22, 2005


I've just returned from the school where I was watching 5 year old and his classmates perform their Nativity - which was cleverly told from a sheep's point of view - and shockingly seen Mary & Joe get only small parts!

The hall was packed with parents, all with camcorders and digital cameras ready to catch the action for prosperity...or more likely for the sole purpose of embarrasing their offspring in their teenage years...or is it just me that thinks like that?

Anyway along came a bright star and behind it the wise men and onto the stage strolled my very own wise man complete with gown, crown and big cheesy grin.

I had reservations about how 5 year old would cope with the reason being that during the main school concert which was earlier this week, 5 year old was spotted picking his nose and counting the light fittings rather than singing! I'm pleased to say there was no nose picking today but there was a lot of yawning and the crown was getting swung around good style during the finale!

They were all really cute given most of them are still only 4 years old and they did the job well. I'm lucky because my kids go to a fantastic school. They encourage the kids to try different things and put a lot of emphasis on the fact that school should be fun...the kids are always doing something or going somewhere. Tomorrow is the last day of term and the school hold a raffle when the kids can win prizes...the kids love it...when 9 year old was 5 year old she walked out of school with about 10 prizes including the doll she had asked Santa for but that Mum couldn't get for love nor money...Result!

Anyway I better go and pamper and praise the Wise Man and after that it straight to bed for him as he's obviously tired!

Jenny xx

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