Monday, December 05, 2005

The Big Apple...

Only 4 weeks till better half and I head off to the Big Apple for a few days of fun. I'm really looking forward to it.

I was there in March this year with Mum. It was her birthday treat and the two of us had a great time seeing the sights. Better half has never been before so it'll be fun showing him around. We're going Icelandair so he'll get to see Iceland as well and do the Blue Lagoon trip.

Of course the trip was our present to each other for Christmas and we agreed it was better than buying each other loads of stuff we don't need but as was always going to be the case I am unable to give him nothing to open on the day itself so have decided we'll spend £100 on each other so we'll have a few parcels to open.

I plan on buying him as much rubbish as I can for the money...I know secretly he was hoping for alloy wheels for his car but they went out the window for the New York trip...anyway it's his birthday in March so he might get them then.

Actually who am I kidding...I'll never be able to stop at £100, he'll end up getting the same amount of stuff he always gets from me and I'll be mad because he'll stick to the £100 agreement!

Oh well it's all about the giving eh?

Jenny xx

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