Monday, December 05, 2005

Happy Harry...

5 year old brought Happy Harry home from school today.

Happy Harry is a toy dog which the Primary One kids get to bring home for the night. The kids get really chuffed if they get to bring Harry home because it means they are "special person" in class that day!

Harry comes with a diary and you need to write what you did the night you had Harry home. We had Harry a few months ago so this is our second time with him...5 year old is super chuffed!
Of course it's not enough just to write what you did with Harry, somone who had him early on decided to take photos of what Harry did when he was with them so now we all do that...the photo's are printed off and stuck in the diary along with your entry!

I like Harry, he's a really nice dog and a credit to his parents. He's very quiet so it's difficult to have a decent conversation with him but he is very polite and goes to bed when he's told to unlike 5 year old!

Last visit Harry played on the Playstation till his head was bursting...this time 5 year old showed Harry his new "hearts fc" bedroom and taught Harry a few football songs! Harry had to have Macaroni cheese for tea because 5 year old says it's Harry's favourite and of course Harry ate it all up so he got Ice Cream for afters. 5 year old and Harry are now in bed watching Scooby Doo.

Here's Harry and 5 year old...

And so ends another average night in the mad house I call home!

Jenny xx


Steven Douglas said...

Imagine that...brainwashed at 5yr old into supporting Hearts...and here I thought you were a good mother... LOL..

jenny said...

Wash your mouth out young man...I'd be a much worse Mother if he was supporting a team raipdly heading for the bottom end of the league and utter huniliation...oh yes it could be worse...he could be a Glasgow Rangers supporter...I'll say no more ;)