Friday, December 09, 2005

For Lena...

I just read your blog.

I'm an eternal optimist, I like to see the best in people and usually do until gut feeling and instinct tell me different. So I'd like to believe that those who chose to rob you weeks before Christmas and take your kids Christmas gifts from under them did so because they are worse off than you gut feeling though tells me that they are just scum. However, being optimistic I am sure they will get exactly what they deserve at some point...what goes around comes around. Not much comfort to you I know...

I could rattle of here how Christmas is too commericalised anyway and how it should be about love and peace and not what you can afford to give...but sadly the world doesn't work like that. Yeah it can be explained to the kids that there's no money for stuff...and bless them they take it in and tell you it's alright, but any Mum knows that deep inside they are disappointed and it just breaks your heart for them.

When I was a child my parents struggled damn hard to give my Sis and I what was on our list to Dad was out of work and Mum working part-time but we got what was on that damn list every year without fail...I still have no bloody idea how they managed it...

I am a very lucky girl and I thank whoever it was that decided I was going to land on my feet. My marriage may have fell round my ears but I met a man, fell in love and got a chance to start again...and I grabbed it with both hands.

There's little someone like me who has been able to get the presents on the list this year can say to you without sounding patronising so I won't even try. I'm not going to tell you it'll all get better...or that you'll meet prince charming.

What I will say though is this...if I could jump on a plane today and come to give you a hug I would. If I could magic up your dream Christmas and give it to you I would. If I could bring all of you across here for the holiday's to share my Turkey I would. If I lived in Indiana and could have adopted your family for the holidays I would and I hope you know I mean it most sincerely and I hope you know that on Christmas day I will raise a glass and hope that no matter what, you and the kids are having a lovely day together.

On a more practical note I have something for you which I want to send to you...but I need an address to send it to.

Jenny xx

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