Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas...It's Over!

So Santa appeared in our house on Saturday night/Sunday morning and he must have had one massive sleigh with him.

Here's how my lounge looked at approximately 1am on Sunday morning...

Please accept my apologies if Santa didn't make it to your house but I have a feeling there would have been little room on the sleigh for anything else and anyway Santa very probably put his back out carrying this little lot in!

It took the kids (4 of them) 2 hours to open this little lot...they were up late though rising at 6am instead of 5am which was a bonus!

I am now coping with the aftermath of Santa's visit trying to find places in their (already bursting) bedrooms for all this stuff. All I have done today is open bloody boxes and untie plastic wires...why do they feel the need to secure the toys with so much damn plastic wire anyway? I now have so much cardboard outside that I could build a homeless person a mansion...with a granny flat!

One good thng to come out of this is the fact that Santa will be able to give us a miss next year because between my 2 terrors and my niece and nephew I don't think there's a toy that exsists that they haven't got.

Jenny xx

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Godess Of Bitch said...

LOL ours didn't look quite like that but it was a blessing all the same. Ya sleigh hogger! I can't even imagine the aftermath of yours as I'm still wallowing in wrapping paper, cardboard, and plastic wires myself! lol Happy Holidays and have a safe trip! Drink a few for me!