Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas Night Out...

This Sunday is the day of the Bainfield bar staff christmas night out.

We missed out on our christmas jolly last year so we've got a year to make up for...I reckon that means we can drink twice as much then.

Last time round we stayed local and went to a pub near to the club for a meal and a few drinks. The karaoke was on and as usual it was the quiet one we had to watch...Ruth, a normally level headed and sensible sort was on it in a flash singing and strutting her stuff much to the amusement of us all.

Ross and I treated the place to a fine rendition of Frank Sinatra's My Way. Both of us have fine singing voices...well we all think we do when we're a bit pissed eh? After chucking out time we headed for a club and danced for a bit...although not on the dancefloor...

This year it's out for a traditional christmas meal...a chinese, then we're hitting the pubs and clubs of Edinburgh's city there'll be a fight, an arrest and a trip to casualty before midnight no doubt!

I'm sure it'll all be good fun because all the team get on like a house on fire. Well if you don't count the fact some of us can't stand each other and would rather stick nine inch nails in our eyes that have to sit next to each other at the table! There's only one way to deal with that though...just keep drinking till the room spins and then I won't know where I'm sitting never mind who I'm next to.

Whatever happens I'll be feeling no pain on Monday morning... because I won't be getting out of bed until Monday afternoon.

Jenny xx

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