Thursday, December 22, 2005

Food Shopping...

I'm going to Marks and Spencer tomorrow to do my crimbo food shop. The fact that I'm doing this means I am clinically insane and should be sectioned for my own good with immediate effect.

Marks and Spencer food hall with only 2 days before Santa comes?? Last year I witnessed a fight, and I do mean a fight, between 2 middle aged respectable women over a ready to roast turkey crown and another between 2 younger women over a packet of ready prepared vegetables.

Why I'm putting myself through this is beyond me given that I'm going out for Christmas lunch and therefore do not need anything but that dread that someone will appear on my doorstep for a visit and I'll be all out of dips and nuts is enough to send my scuttling off to do battle. So I'll put on several layers of clothing and my boots and brave the elements of M&S - it's not going to be cold but the layers will help stop me getting bruises from other rabid women shoving me out the way and the boots will protect my ankles from trolley rage!

I'm feeling a bit better now than I was earlier this week...I'm not fighting fit but if anyone dares argue with me over the last packet of pretzels I'll be strong enough to hold my own!

I'm off to bed now because I'll need all my strength. Wish me luck.

Jenny xx

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