Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Only 9 More Days...

Till I go to New York.

I'm excited.

I can't wait.

I think I'm going to pee my pants.

Jenny xx


MaxZ said...

Hi there Jeny May, got to your site via a friends blog, who refered Lee and you.
Nice thing u did there for Lee and her kids.
However, I look at your Xmas pics, and I am disturbed. You mention 4 kids, and 2 hours of gift opening. Maybe thats whats wrong with Xmas. it's not about multiple presents, and more than the Jonses, and spoiling the family. It should be about a little gift, and being together, sharing, remembering the reason we have Xmas.!!
And if there is excess available, about sharing this with the less fortunate (like you did in a way). But I am sure there are a nuber of deserving people / kids in your neighbourhod who would have been exctatic at receiving a hamper of foodsuff and the like.
Not to be a wet rag, or put a damper on your celebrations or the like.... but with the situation we find ourselves in today, with so many needy people around, maybe we need to realign our priorities.
I hope you and all your loved ones, (and anyone reading this) have the most fantastic 2006, and that, if nothing else, prosperity may bore you to tears. All health, wealth and love to you all.
Mad Max....Souf Efrica!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're preaching to the choir there maxz...and if you want to know what Christmas is all about...put the Christ back in Xmas....that is what disturbs me.Sorry if I'm a bit defensive about my friends but I'm happy for her that she isw in a position to do what she wants, buy what she wants, and go where she wants. To each his and let live and all that jazz. This is Lee by the way...but i'm on another computer and can't remember my damned password! LOL