Saturday, December 24, 2005


The pressies are wrapped, the house is clean, the guest beds are made, the christmas lights are on and darkness is coming fast. I'm ready for Santa to arrive. It is now 4.03pm and I'm all set.

I'm escaping to work from 6 until 11 tonight and will return home, having made 2 stop off's to collect presents, at about 1am when I will sit down with a glass of wine before playing Santa and getting all the pressies in and placed in the lounge for the morning. I've no idea how the hell I'll get all of them in there, along with the gifts for the 4 of us I also have my Mum, Sis, Niece and Nephew coming to stay over tonight so I need to find room for all their gifts too! To give you a taste of Christmas Chez Mitchell I have a small shed (used normally to house the kids bikes!) full of presents for the kids, about 30 already under the tree and piles more in the Mum has a car full to bring with her and I've to pick up more after work and my Wee Sis will also have a car full! I live in a modestly sized 3 bedroom semi so this could get totally out of control!

Tradition dictates that we will be up at about 5am with the (very excited) kids and the present opening will commence! This will take a couple of hours and then it'll be breakfast for 8 followed by a mass fight for the bathroom to get ready to head out for lunch at 12! As we're travelling into Edinburgh (about 6 miles away) I'll be driving so I can't even have a bloody drink to help cope with the stress!

However when we get home again about 5pm I will be opening a bottle of something and making the most of the festive season before falling into bed late tomorrow night exhausted but happy!

So here's to a house full of roboraptors, nintendo ds's, ipods, dolls, ps2 games, cd's, King Kong's, Bratz dolls, scooby doo's and various other creatures, noise, nonsense and laughter - which is just as it should be!

Whatever you are doing I hope you have a great, safe, happy, love filled Christmas!

Jenny xx

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