Monday, December 05, 2005

Nativity Time Draws Near...

Yes it's that time again. The annual school Nativity play is approaching. I our school it's only Primary One pupils who are involved. As 9 year old is now in Primary 5 it's been a few years since I attended the Nativity.

9 year old's was really good although the run up to it being staged wasn't without drama...9 year old (who was at the time 5 year old) was originally cast as an Angel who helped guide the shepherds to the baby Jesus but she was relegated from this role by the teacher for misbehaving during rehearsals and was subsequently given the part of a stable pig! They have pigs and sheep as characters at our school so everyone gets a part! 9 year old was highly unamused by her new role...and so was I because I had to supply the costume which consisted of pink tights and a large pink long sleeved sweater, neither of which I owned and anyway I'd been hoping she'd have been Mary, the starring our school though starring roles are given to the kids who try hard at school and follow the golden rules so 9 year old didn't stand a chance really!

5 year old is in Primary One this year so it's his turn. I was hoping for Joseph but alas it was not to be. 5 year old has got a main part though, he's going to be...deep breath...a wise man!! (I take it all back what I said about the wise men in my earlier post!) I'm kind of chuffed because it means he's doing well at school and I don't have to put him in pink tights!

5 year old is quite excited about it all...9 year old is still fuming about being a pig all those years ago...

On the same 7 year old nephew Dean is also doing the Nativity at school this year, he was cast as an angel but refused to do it because he didn't want to wear a white dress so his teacher said he could be a shepherd instead which pleased him a bit more until he found out that they also wear a dress...he's not a happy bunny but has agreed to be a shepherd because it's a more manly dress than the angels...still I wonder what he'd do if he went to the same school as my kids and had to be the stable tights...I can't see it somehow!

Jenny xx

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