Friday, July 01, 2005

Curiously Enough...

I have just randomly flicked through a few other Blogs and after going along clicking "next blog" for a few minutes finding nothing of intrest the following words appear on screen..

And I'm sure the view from heaven
Beats the hell out of ours down here
And if we believe your in heaven
We might just make it through the year
If we still feel your fire, when it's cold within our heart
Our feelings will awaken and our thoughts will start
And we think of our last time with you
And realise we need one more day
One last chance to tell you we need you
And wish you had not gone that day

For someone who has lost a few relly's in the last year it's a wee bit strange that this should appear.

I'd like to credit the author of the blog but there was no heading bar, no other writing on the page...just a white background and a dancing cow icon! Maybe these are words from a song I don't know, maybe someone else's thoughts...who knows?

Whatever the origin it's lovely.

Jenny xx


Ross Douglas said...

And you didn't think of linking to the site itself?

jenny said...

Oh my why didn't I think to write down the address bar? Wait a minute I did? And it links to a bank workers blog? And there is nothing but one post and no sign of the words? Wow how wierd is that? Could it have been my pc playing tricks on me? This is so strange. I guess we're not in Kansas anymore.