Thursday, July 28, 2005

People I'd Like To Be Stuck In A Lift With...

Crikey there's a thing to ponder. I am allowed to choose 10 people (living or dead) but you base it on being alone with them in the lift, so here's my ten... I might just add that had I actually given this much thought the list would look massively different I suspect but anyway...

1. My Better Half - We'd have a laugh and there's a few things I can think of to do to pass 5 minutes!

2. Madonna - She could sing to me or recite her children's books, failing that she could teache me a bit of yoga, she's a big heroine of mine so I'd like to meet her.

3. Robbie Williams - He can sit and sing Angels to me for hours on end! Plus he's got a great sense of humour and a deep side to make talking intresting. Oh and I'd like to jump his bones!

4. Peter Kay - How much fun in one small space? I might pee my pants though which wouldn't be good in a confined space.

5. Marilyn Monroe - I've probably read almost every book ever written about her - I'd love to talk to her.

6. Frank Sinatra - I expect he'd have a few tales to tell to pass the time.

7. Donkey From Shrek - Yes I know he's not real but this is my blog ok? Anyway Donkey would be a riot!

8. My Sister - We can talk absolute rubbish for hours on the phone so passing time would be a doddle and she can be every bit as daft as me so we'd do alright!

9. Homer Simpson - The best philosopher ever.

10. My Dad - I have a few questions for him let me tell you and it would be the best thing ever to see him again!

Jenny xx


Your wee sis said...

awww you chose lil old me to be in your lift! It all sounds fine and well but with you and Geoff up to no good, Madonna doing yoga, Frank dancing, Homer eating and drinking with dad,Peter making us all pee ourselves (ooh the smell!!) Im afraid I'de just have to (and it would be hard) jump Robbies bones myself! just to keep me sane you understand! Oh and would our poor mum be at home with the kids do you think? Cause that would be an excuse to stay in the lift just a little longer, covered in pee or not!

jenny said...

Dear Sister of Mine...we are not all to be in the lift at one time. It will be just you and I...cue the theme music from,,ni,ni,ni,ni