Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pulsating & Throbbing...

A part of my body is doing both right now.

No not that part!!! I'm talking about my head.

I have now had a headache for 3 days on and off and it's doing my head in, so to speak!

It has been coming and going and has now settled into my forehead nicely and obviously likes my forehead enough to have decided to squat there for the time being...

I manged to kick it's ass a little yesterday with the help of dihydrocodine and a dark room but the little bugger came back this morning when the drugs wore off!

As I need to drive into work tonight for a boring old staff meeting I am refraining from taking any more tablets until I return. If I did take them, then drive, there's every chance I wouldn't make it to work at all but would be in a wrecked car in a ditch somewhere off a country road!!!

So for now it's me and my headache, a cup of tea and a peaceful few hours...

Jenny xx

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