Friday, July 29, 2005

Laying Down The Gauntlet...

Ross my blogging partner in crime was given a challenge by his Brother to write a piece about a subject of his choice with the deadline of completing it before his nephew's birthday. Ross has been in a creative slump recently and his Brother saw this as way to get the old writing juices flowing again. It seems to have done the trick. I had put a link in so you could click and read the finished product for yourself but everytime I put the bloody link in it fails and I can't be arsed sitting here pissing about with it anymore.

Ok so it may not be the most inspiring piece ever written nor the best but it got Ross writing again and that is a good thing. He has talent and encouraging him to make that talent better can only be beneficial.

Strangely enough for a guy who seems to like a challenge, Ross seems to shy away from the ones I give to him. Oh alright so they invloved us dressing as homies and running riot about the town centre in the car or taking the mop from the club and driving around randomly hitting people with it (to name but a few of the cleaner idea's mentioned) but to be fair it was a dull Saturday night at work!

I did tell Ross I was going to diss him on here for his refusal to take part in anything more outrageous than dying his hair but I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to give him a different challenge. I've not yet finally decided what it'll be but it will be in relation to the written word in order to be useful as well as humorous to me. If he doesn't take the challenge I will make it my mission to ridicule him publicly on here and if that invloves raiding his Momma's photo album for 70's horror pictures of him then so be it!

So darling Ross, to accept the challenge or not?

I will let you all know what I decide and if pussy boy accepts the challenge!

Jenny xx


Ross Douglas said...

click here to see the post. that jenny is talking about.

Ross Douglas said...

And I will be taking you up on the challenge. As long as it doesn't involve, as you suggested, randomly hitting strangers in the street or painting ourselves black and pretending we are "in tha hood"...